Welcome to Galloway’s!


First let me introduce us: We’re the The Galloway Gang (we call ourselves that because my terrific father referred to us as the G-Gang, since there are so many of us). I am Judy the mother of the Galloway’s whom is proud to say my husband and I have six children. My husband T.J. (Tom) and I married way back in 1985 and had our first child T.J. in October of 1989. We than went on to have another son Cory in December of 1990 and another child, our one and only daughter, Ellen Barbara in August of 1992. At that time we were a very busy bunch, but not busy enough and after a few years of having three children we decided to have a couple more, so in March of 1996 we had Gregory, which than led to John in July of 1997. After much consideration, we had Jack in May of 1999 and finally we felt we were complete. 

So here we are “one big happy family” as the saying goes.

The Galloway’s Story

In June of 2000 our family moved from our family owned and occupied apartment building in Chicago. This was a move we never thought we would make, after all we love the city and we were living with a good majority of our family. The building was filled with lots of great memories and fun times. But we now were a family of eight and we had out grown our two bedroom apartment. So with much debate we moved to our comfortable home in Crystal Lake, Illinois.

kidsThe Galloway Children/Young Adults – Cory (18), Jack (9), Gregory (13), T.J. (19), Ellen (16), in front – John (11) 

Shortly after our arrival in Crystal Lake we realized what a great potential there was to open a successful business out here. My husband and I would occasionally talk with the kid’s about the types of businesses we could open, with some sort of Restaurant being at the top of our list. We would sometimes stop and look at different locations around the area and just imagine if we could really open a successful business. But as with everyone these days, our lives were so busy and just our day to day activities with our two full time jobs kept us away from the dream we always had. Until one day when our eldest son T.J. ran into the house after school and said I found the perfect location for our business.  Hence the long awaited journey began. With the lease signed and the money invested after two and a half years of waiting and wondering and visiting the vacant lot where our dream would be built, we finally walked into our Shop.  Of course it was just a shell which would consume our days and nights for the next four months. This was while my husband and I still had our full time jobs and our children still had school and all their activities to attend. Yet each day our family and friends would lend a hand or assist us with our ideas to make our dream a successful reality. The picture is very clear to me of everyone in our family working together, painting, tiling, grouting, hammering and nailing on a daily basis a few hours here and there, until the time we could finally say, okay we are ready.


The truth is we never really felt we were a 100% ready, but it was time, we couldn’t wait any longer to open and the community had waited long enough. So we called our friends and family and said it’s time and on a Saturday Morning in May of 2009 we opened our door. Of course we all laughed when no one arrived for the first 5 minutes, but than the time came when our first customer arrived and we have been acquiring new customers from that day forward. Our first customer continues to visit us weekly as many of the absolutely wonderful community members we have served and begun to know, some even visit us on a daily basis. The Sub Shop is located in a great community and so many of the members have become our loyal customers, so loyal to us, that not a day goes by when one of them doesn’t say, “You guys are making it, right? We want you here for a very long time.”

In the News

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The Felician Sisters of Chicago came to Galloway’s Chicago Subs on Rakow Road in Crystal Lake for lunch and a blessing.