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Big Party Sub
You tell us what you’d like on your party sub and we’ll build it. Our Party Subs come on Freshly Baked Turano extra wide sesame topped bread and in their own custom made box. Please allow 24 hours.

 Big Subs Unsliced Prices:
3 Foot (serves 20-25 people) $99.95
4 Foot (serves 25-30 people) $123.95
5 Foot (serves 30-35 people) $144.95
6 Foot (services 35-40 people) $160.95

Gourmet Soups and Chili:  Tomato Basil Bisque, Chicken Noodle, Broccoli Cheddar or our Famous Chili   All our soups are made with the finest ingredients.  Served in Bulk or packaged individually, with Oyster Crackers

Cup per person $3.89  Bowl per person  $4.89 (May require 48 hour notice)


Individual Box or Bag Lunches

Individual Box Lunches Includes choice of Small or Regular Sub, Side of Pasta, Coleslaw or Potato Salad, Bag of Chips, Cookie or Brownie and a Water, Tea or Soda.

Your choice of subs: Classic, Italian, Traditional Tuna, Cheese & Veggie, Turkey Bacon Ranch, Tasty Turkey, Ham & Cheese or Roast Beef.

Your Choice of Gourmet Sandwiches:   California Turkey with fresh Avocado Slices, Veggie Club or Our Vienna Corned Beef New Yorker.

Prices range from Standard $6.95   to Gourmet Sandwich option  $10.95

Basic Box Lunch:  Your Choice of Small Sub (6″), Bag of Chips and a Cookie $7.79

Special Discount Pricing Available for 50 Box Lunches or more, just call.

Gluten Free Available for every sub, add $1.40 for a Small Sub or Panini and $2.80 for a Regular Sub
Also Available is any Sandwich on a White or Spinach Wrap add .40 per Sandwich

Chicago Standard Sub Tray 
Add Bottled Water $1. or Bottled Soda or Tea $2.50

$56.95(serves 8 – 12)

Large$75.95(serves 13 – 16)Extra Large$92.95(serves 17 – 20)

Chicago Deluxe Sub Tray 
Your choice of subs: Classic, Italian, Traditional Tuna, Cheese & Veggie, Turkey Bacon Ranch, Ham & Cheese or Roast Beef.

Small $45.90 (serves 6 – 8)
Medium $65.90 (serves 9 – 12)
Large $87.90 (serves 13 – 16)
Extra Large $105.90 (serves 17 – 20)

Most items listed below require a 24hr notice

Mostaciolli Trays and Complete Italian Beef Dinners!

Italain beef

Italian Beef 
Italian Beef 14.99 per lb. With auJus ready to heat and serve. Bread Sold Separately.

2 lbs. $29.95 (makes 8 six inch sandwiches or 16 three inch sandwiches)
5 lbs. $73.95 (makes 20 six inch sandwiches or 40 three inch sandwiches)
Turano French Bread  $4.25 36″ loaf cut to order
Sweet or Hot Giardiniera  $4.95 1 quart

Freshly made mostaciolli in our delicious marinara sauce meal

Small Mostaccioli Tray $24.95 (Serves 10-15)
Large Mostaccioli Tray $37.95 (Serves 25-30)
Small Baked Mostaccioli Tray $29.95 (Serves 10-15)
Large Baked Mostaccioli Tray $44.95 (Serves 25-30)

                                                                                                                                              Fried Chicken…our Deliciously Crisp Chicken

24 Pieces  $28.99     50 Pieces  $46.99     100 Pieces  $84.99                                           Equal Assortment of Wings, Thighs, Legs and Breasts


Italian Meatballs 
Our famous Italian meatballs in marinara

12 pcs. $15.99
24 pcs. $28.99
Turano French Bread  $4.25 36″ loaf cut to order

(Meatballs Require 48 hour notice)

Taco Buffet
Our Chicken Verde, Seasoned Ground Beef, Black Beans, Spanish Rice, Soft Flour and Hard Corn Shells, Lettuce, Onion, Tomatoes, Sour Cream, Hot Sauce, Lime and Cilantro along with Chips and our Home style salsa.
$8.75 per person Minimum

Vienna Beef Chicago Hot Dog Buffet
Everything you need for the perfect Chicago Lunch, Vienna Beef Hot Dogs, Rosen Buns with all the fixins for an Authentic Chicago Dog (Mustard, Neon Green Relish, Onions, Tomatoes, Dill Pickle Spears, Sport Peppers and Celery Salt) Will send some Ketchup just in case, but don’t tell anyone. All that along with our House Made Potato Salad, Classic Chips with Onion Dip and our Seasoned Baked Beans. $7.95 per person Minimum 20

Fresh Salads

Rotini Pasta Salad 
Tri-color pasta tossed with our House Italian, cucumbers, tomatoes, and black olives.

Small Bowl $19.45 (serves 8-12 sides)
Large Bowl $33.45 (serves 16 – 20 sides)

Tossed Garden Salad 
Crisp lettuce, tossed with cucumber, tomato, red onion and croutons, served with our House Creamy Italian and Ranch dressings.

Small Bowl $14.95 (serves 8-12 sides)
Large Bowl $24.95 (serves 16 – 20 sides)

Chopped Salad 
Blend of Romaine and Iceberg Lettuce, Turkey, Bacon, Tomato, Green Onions and Cheddar Cheese tossed with our House Dressing. 

Small Bowl $20.45 (serves 8-12 sides)
Large Bowl $37.95 (serves 16 – 20 sides)

Taco Salad 
Our Family Creation a blend of Romaine and Iceberg Lettuce, Seasoned Beef, Cheddar Cheese, Tomatoes, Onions, Kidney Beans, Nacho Cheese Chips with our Special Dressing 

Small Bowl $23.45 (serves 8-12 sides)
Large Bowl $39.95 (serves 16 – 20 sides)

Fresh Fruit Bowl
Freshly Cut Fruit with yogurt dipping sauce. Serves 10 $35.95

CutFresh Vegetable Tray
An Assortment of seasonal cut vegetables served with our House Ranch Serves 10 $25.95

Nacho Chips Festival Style with Nacho Cheese to Dip side of Jalepenos  Serves 10 21.95                           Add Chili for Dipping  $4.90

Big Soft Pretzel Bites Tray with our Nacho Cheese Sauce for Dipping  Serves 10    26.95

Complete Your Event with Dessert: catering_sweets
Selections Serve 18-22

Gourmet Cookie and Pretzel Tray $36.00
Gourmet Cookie Assortment $35.00
Assorted Brownie Tray $38.00
Our Chocolate Layer Cake (serves 12-14) $33.00
Our Chocolate Layer Cake Decorated $38.00

Brownie Tray & Cakes Require 48 Hours Notice

For our printable catering packages menu, click here. 

Delivery available for all catering orders. – 24 hour notice is preferred 

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